West London Cockapoos

We are planning puppies for Spring 2015

Who are we?

 I am Adam Gibbins and live in Ealing, West London.

Our aim is to promote the health and care of the Cockapoo and ensure that the errors made by people in the past with poor breeding and training are avoided.

Every dog should be fit for purpose.

We are lucky enough to have been able to get our girls from Anthony at Anzil Cockapoo in Merseyside. We have Duffy who is an Apricot English Mini Cockapoo with a fleece coat. Her mother was a Gold show type Cocker Spaniel (Amber) and her father a Black Miniature Poodle (Smudge). Our second girl is Martha Chocolate English Mini Cockapoo her mum is Liver Roan show type Cocker Spaniel (Revel) and her dad is a Chocolate Miniature Poodle (Chico).

Duffy & Martha have both been DNA tested for PRD/PRA clear and are 100% clear. This means that Duffy, Martha and any future pups will not suffer with Progressive Retinal Dystrophy and this would be seen as Night Blindness and ultimately blindness in the dog.

The girls have also been DNA tested clear for FN, (Familial Nephropathy is known as kidney failure/fatal renal disease). Its a disease seen in cocker spaniels and as we are actively breeding F2 puppies its something we have to ensure isnt passed on to the pups.

As members of the CCGB any breeders of F2 puppies ( with english cocker heritage ) we must have all breeding dogs tested for PRD/PRA and FN to eradicate these diseases in the future.

2015 sees a new direction for us and this years litters wil be F1bs, so we are ensuring that all boys we use are also clear from Von Willebrand disease which can be found in poodles of all sizes. Please see our health section for more information on this condition